Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Spambot Leaks More Than 700m Email Addresses In Massive Data Breach

Question: Discuss about the Case Study-Spambot Leaks More Than 700m Email Addresses In Massive Data Breach. Answer: Description of the problem The report mainly focuses on the cyber security news Spambot data breach which occurred on 30 August 2017. It is identified that due to the data breach more than 700 email as well as number of passwords have publicly leaked. There are millions of passwords, which is contained within this data breach. This because of the spammer who collect information as well as data in an attempt to break in to the email account of the users and generally sends spam under the name of the users (Hern, 2017).The data that was generally available as the spammers are unable to secure the servers due to which any visitor can be able to download information without requiring any type of credentials. It is found that there are more than 700 email addresses but most of them are not generally linked with the real accounts. Some of the email addresses are generally scrapped inaccurately from the public. In addition to this, finding data oneself does not helps in providing information about the destination whe re the email addresses was obtained. The leak generally helps in highlighting the fact that passwords can be the root cause of many types of security related problems for organizations. Reasons of occurrences The Spambot data breach mainly occurs because the spammers are not able to provide proper security to the servers and thus any visitor can download files without requiring proper credentials. It is very much difficult to know the destination of place from where the files have been downloaded. The spammers generally collect information and break in to the email account of the users under the name of spam. It is identified that millions of email addresses as well as passwords are leaked due to the data breach (Whittaker, 2017). It is identified that the information mainly leaked after the cyber criminals allowed the visitors within the servers to download various database without proper password as well as username. The bot generally assist in spreading of malware that generally steals various types of bank details that mainly causes people to transmit various types of viruses. It is identified that many of the email addresses are not properly linked to the real accounts as some of the accounts are not properly scraped from various public net while others appear to have been guessed by adding appropriate words in front of standard domain to generate. Possible solutions The organization is taking proper protection of various data as well as information of the customers with the help of a robust program, which continually helps in reviewing as well as updating the latest online threats. It is found that additional measures are needed for preventing various security breaches and the measures are provided below: Secure transfer: The files as well as folders must be transferred properly in a quite secured way for preventing breach. Shared files: The organization must shred different types of folders as well as files before disposing proper storage equipment (Joshi Singh, 2017). Reduction of data transfer: The data transfer from one email address to another must be reduced in order to prevent security breach. Other application must be utilized which can be helpful in retrieving information. Monitoring data leakage: It is identified that security control must be checked periodically that helps in allowing the security team to have proper control on the network (Choong et al., 2016). Security training: It is quite important to provide proper privacy as well as security training so that clients as well as others related to the data can bring proper awareness so that this type of security breach will be avoided. References Choong, P., Hutton, E., Richardson, P., Rinaldo, V. (2016, January). ASSESSING THE COST OF SECURITY BREACH: A MARKETER'S PERSPECTIVE. InAllied Academies International Conference. Academy of Marketing Studies. Proceedings(Vol. 21, No. 1, p. 1). Jordan Whitney Enterprises, Inc. Hern, A. (2017).Spambot leaks more than 700m email addresses in huge data breach.the Guardian. Retrieved 2 September 2017, from https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/aug/30/spambot-leaks-700m-email-addresses-huge-data-breach-passwords Joshi, M., Singh, V. K. (2017). Data Security Breach as Perceived Risk and its Influence on Consumer Purchase Decision.Asian Journal of Research in Business Economics and Management,7(8), 187-196. Whittaker, Z. (2017).711 million email addresses ensnared in "largest" malware spambot.ZDNet. Retrieved 2 September 2017, from https://www.zdnet.com/article/onliner-spambot-largest-ever-malware-campaign-millions/

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